Education, Empowerment & Encouragement

What started as a personal outlet for Executive Director Josiah Britt and a vision to mobilize community grew into CollectivExpress, a powerful force of community empowerment throughout northeast Ohio. 

Free of charge to all attendees, our programs utilize artistic expression to create enriching, interactive and family-friendly experiences with no religious or political agenda. During these community outreaches, attendees have an opportunity to be seen, heard, informed and connected.

That means that everyone is celebrated without prejudice (seen), genuinely listened to by others in attendance (heard), taught pertinent information (informed) and introduced to a network of community-minded people and institutions (connected).


Our Story

It all started with a question: Can culture be used as an effective means to encourage and educate residents of Cleveland in their own community? 

Josiah Britt spent the early part of 2017 putting together a small team of supporters and building a pilot summer outreach program, which launched CollectivExpress. Over time, the program continued to develop, inspired by Josiah’s musical past as an emcee in the local music scene. 

When the first program started on June 4, 2017, it became immediately clear that CollectivExpress wasn’t the only one who needed to speak – Cleveland’s residents also had something to say to their community. From that day forward, CollectivExpress has been a two-way street. 

Community – residents, neighbors, youth, friends and family – is the focus of each event and program CollectivExpress takes part in. Sharing dialogue, mentorship, music, culture, resources and meals together – that’s how we mobilize community.  

Through our programming, hundreds of residents have been engaged in their own community. As this organization continues on its mission, we hope that many more residents will take the microphone and leave with a renewed sense of what community should look and feel like. 

Our Mission

To engage, unite and empower marginalized residents of Greater Cleveland through culture, resources and hands-on experiences.

Our Vision

To be an epicenter for culture, resources and arts throughout Northeast Ohio, promoting equity, advancement and fulfillment to all residents.