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Empowering Communities, One Initiative at a Time

At CollectivExpress, our work is a testament to the power of community engagement. Throughout the year, we curate tailor-made, informative community gatherings that celebrate the rich tapestry of Greater Cleveland. Join us as we explore how artistic expression and cultural initiatives become the driving force behind positive change.

Collectiv Community

Empowerment, One Pop-Up Party at a Time

From vibrant events at farmers’ markets to meaningful engagements at local food pantries, CollectivCommunity is about more than just gatherings—it’s about empowerment and equipping the community. Explore the impact of our pop-up parties that bring joy, resources, and a sense of togetherness to Greater Cleveland.

Collectiv Works

Cultivating Culture, Moving Communities Forward

Our commitment to community murals and art classes extends beyond aesthetics. We believe that culture has the power to represent and propel a community forward. Dive into the stories told through our murals and the transformative impact of art classes in schools.

Collectiv Records

Music Speaks, Unites, and Bonds Us Together

Our music programs go beyond entertainment- they provide a social-emotional outlet for youth to channel their life experiences and musical potential.


Ending Period Poverty, Celebrating Young Womanhood

We promote menstrual education and body positive empowerment. Discover how myDot is making a meaningful impact on the lives of young woman and menstruating individuals in Greater Cleveland.

myDot is our dedicated mission to end period poverty and celebrate young womanhood. Through menstruation education and resource sharing, we promote female health and empowerment. Discover how myDot is making a meaningful impact on the lives of young women in Greater Cleveland.

Education, Empowerment & Encouragement

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